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System Integration

Organization’s products, resources, processes and decision making are all connected by its information systems. For service providing companies, such as banks or telecommunication operators, the IT systems are the true heart of their business. As a result of ever growing need for automation, most of large institutions maintain complex IT architecture, composed of many interconnected IT systems which need to cooperate and be synchronized.

The Challenge

The management of changes in such integrated and interdependent environment is always very risky and challenging. The need of structured approach and distinct skill set to manage and execute the changes in IT gave rise to a whole new business discipline – system integration. Delivering an IT solution that solves business needs and supports it by its cost effective operation and further development is typically part of it.

Our Offer

Our people coming from various backgrounds – from IT engineering to business administration – are seasoned in business architecture, IT architecture and integrating these two. Our key added value for any IT related project is our ability to efficiently bridge the business departments and IT developers to enable design and delivery of modern information systems always focused to support real business needs in most effective way possible as well as managing the integration between complex IT systems.

Typical activities which need to be covered in IT projects and which are frequently challenging for the internal capacities of the companies are:

      >  Requirements gathering
      >  Preparation of gap analysis
      >  Preparation functional and technical designs
      >  Definition of logical and technical IT architecture
      >  Definition of integration and interfaces
      >  Selection and management of IT vendors
      >  Design and Development of Information Systems
      >  Test preparation and execution
      >  Migration design and execution
      >  Management of pilot operations

Key elements of system integration project:

The extensive experience of our people with system integration projects in CEE region – such as core banking systems migrations, post-merger integration of IT systems, development of specific purpose applications – is truly unique on the market.