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Project Management

In the evolution of today’s business environment the companies which survive and profit need to quickly adapt to the changing conditions. New technology, new markets, new competitors, increasingly stringent regulation – they all lead to substantial changes in the way companies operate.

The challenge

In responding to these changes, companies identify and initiate projects, but in reality many of such projects consume significant amounts of effort and capital only to be abandoned midway or found not to deliver the expected results. Transforming complex environment of a large institution is always challenging and lack of internal capacity, project experience and motivation often results in shifting deadlines, overrun budgets or even forced termination of the projects.

Our offer

In Greyson, we assembled an exceptional team with years of international project experience from the leading global consulting companies and from several of the largest implementation projects in the CEE region.

The years of work on projects proved to us that there is no magic formula or ingredient which can guarantee the business success of any project. We believe that only combination of proven methodology, hands-on experience, right people, disciplined and hard work and respecting the uniqueness of each company can lead to delivery of projects which in turn deliver the results.

We support our clients in managing of the whole project life-cycle, managing its parts – for example test management, or road map preparation and budgeting – or in detailed delivery of any of the project phases.

Typical large scale projects in which we are involved, are composed of the following phases:
      >   Project initiation and planning
      >   Analysis of a as-is situation and gathering of requirements
      >  Design of to-be processes, IT systems and organizational setup
      >  Development of IT, adaptation of the organization
      >  Deployment and go-live

The projects led by our people range from small quality assurance assignments to projects of tens of thousands of man-days. No matter the size, length or nature of the initiative, we can help you in its efficient delivery and achievements of the proposed objectives.