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Business Consulting

The Challenge

Enterprises are challenged by changes all the time, even more so in current economic circumstances. Responding to the change requires increasing amount of effort within shorter and shorter time frame. The market keeps bringing innovations, the pace gets faster. To recognize the right opportunity at the right time and to focus on what brings about the real edge in doing business is far more difficult than ever.

Understanding of strengths and weaknesses of your company and identifying opportunities and threats enables forming viable strategy, which then needs to be transformed into daily business operations of the company.

Our Offer

Our business consulting offering is focused on helping our clients to evaluate their current position, identify the changes they need to under-go and help them to turn their strategic ideas into the practice.

We are trusted partners and advisers of the leading CEE organizations in shaping and transforming their business. For us, business consulting does not mean a theoretical exercise, but rather defining and executing of concrete and specific steps to configure your business. Our typical business consulting engagements include:

      >  Master plan preparation and business case calculation
      >  Merger planning and post-merger integration
      >  Product and service design
      >  Process design and optimization
      >  Benchmarking and performance management
      >  Vendor selection and management
      >  Risk management advisory

Strategic management of any company follows revolving concept-to-execution cycle, by which the enterprise defines, refines and re-defines its strategy and business model:

Our team, backed by the experience from various clients, countries and industries, brings a different and independent point of view and solid grounding in areas where your organization might not be sufficiently skilled or not have any relevant experience yet.