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Who We Are

Greyson is a dynamically growing CEE based management consulting company, founded in 2007 by experienced managers to provide efficient, professional and flexible advisory services to the market leading CEE organizations. Our outstanding team of more than 80 professionals with business and technical background and multi-industry insight, delivers projects to our clients in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Austria.

We combine proven practices and huge experience from large international projects with understanding of the local market and flexible client oriented approach in addressing needs of our clients.


Greyson’s executives and senior managers were professionally grown in the leading global consulting companies and all our senior people have years of acquaintance from large scale international projects. The number of projects and clients, that the members of our team have gone through, enables us to synthesize a broad knowledge base and personal expertise into exceptional proposition.


In Greyson we believe that established methodology and international experience can be a cornerstone of successful delivery only when combined with genuine local know-how. Each region, country and client has its own specifics and understanding and respecting these differences is crucial element of turning the methodology into tangible advantage for our clients.


In Greyson we listen to your requirements, propose approach tailored for the specific circumstances and objectives and we are ready to adapt to unexpected project situations. As an independent and locally managed company, we can guarantee that our clients meet the decision makers, and our flexibility in addressing your needs is our key competitive advantage.

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