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What We Do

Greyson helps transform leading CEE organizations by business consulting, project management, system integration and application development services which combine proven methodology and experience from large international projects, with exceptional local market know-how and flexible client-oriented approach.

Our service offering is tailored for enabling transformation of large and complex organizations. We focus on identification of necessary changes within the organization and helping them to implement those changes. Our main clients are IT-based service-providing institutions such as banks, insurance companies, telecommunication operators and the public sector.

Services and capabilities

We offer business consulting, project management ,system integration and application development services and the key element of our proposition is our ability to combine these services into integral end-to-end delivery. Our involvement usually starts with definition of the business concept and continues throughout all the phases of the project until its introduction into daily operations.

We usually help the organizations in one of the following key areas of our expertise:

Large transformation initiatives:
      >  Core systems implementation and integration
      >  Post merger advisory and management
Product offering and CRM:
      >  New products development
      >  Customer relationship management
      >  Distribution channels management
Process efficiency and operational excellence:
      >  Front and back office processes efficiency
      >  Process automation
      >  Performance monitoring and reporting
      >  Accounting and reporting
      >  Payments and debit/credit cards management
      >  IT strategy and IT governance
Risk management:
      >  Debt collection
      >  Credit cycle and processes
      >  Fraud management
      >  Basel II

Find out more about the services which we provide and how we can help you in Services section of our website.

Clients and industries

We work across various industries, but our most frequent clients are financial services companies – such as banks, insurance companies, leasing and consumer finance companies, telecommunication companies and public sector organizations. Regardless of the industry, our typical clients are companies with complex organization setup and IT systems architecture for which the projects are often very challenging and require external support of experienced and proven consultants.

Regional coverage

Greyson is based in Slovakia and we work with leading companies operating in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria. We believe that validity of globally established methodology needs to be combined with know-how of local market, mindset and tradition.